1. Identity Page

2. List of the Journal's Referees in Current Issue

3. A Comparison of Western and Islamic Conceptions of Reason and Rationality

Pages 1-26


Ali Fallahi Saifuddin; Maryam Maleki Sadeghi

4. Human Rights in Shiite political thought: (Case study of Allameh Jafari ideas)

Pages 27-53


Mohammad Kamali Goki

5. Imam Khomeini’s approach in The Combination of Tradition and Modernity

Pages 55-76


Kobra Lashkari

6. The Causes for Backwardness of Islam World in the Thoughts of Imam Khomeini

Pages 77-103


Ali Bagheri Dolatabadi; Reza Eltiaminia

7. Justice’s position in the political thought of Islam (Case study: Ayatollah Mahdavi Kani thoughts)

Pages 105-121


Alireza Mahdavian

8. Security Strategies in the Syrah of the Shiite Infallible Imams

Pages 123-149


Mostafa Esmaili

9. The Process of "Otherness" in the Islamic Discourse in International Relations

Pages 151-173


Hadi Ajili; Mohammad Mahdi Salimi Manshadi

10. Salafism and radical Islam in Central Asia and the Caucasus during the conflict of ideologies

Pages 175-196


Ibrahim Majidi; Amir Etemadi

11. Analysis of New Social Movements in the Middle East (Case Study: Egyptian revolution of 2011)

Pages 197-213


Ali Kamali

12. The Nature and Structure of International Relations in Neorealism and Islamic Theory: A Comparative Study

Pages 215-240


Mahdi Zolfaghari

13. Examining the views of Russian thinkers on the developments of the Islamic Revolution (Case Study: The Iran-Iraq War)

Pages 241-252


Davood Karimipour

14. Multipolarity and Multilateralism

Pages 253-260


Heinz Gärtner