Guide for Authors

Islamic Political Thoughts

Format Guidelines for Submission of Manuscripts

We request all authors willing to submit manuscripts to follow the guidelines provided below. Only those manuscripts that have followed the guidelines will be considered for peer review.

  1. In-text citations from books or journal articles should be made in parentheses at the end of a quotation or paraphrase in the following format.

 (Author’s last name, year of publication, volume, page number).

Examples: (Waterstone, 2014, p. 81); (Castell, 1996, vol. 2, p. 43).

  • All other references to the same source should follow the same format and should not use “ibid” or other abbreviations.
  • In case references are made to more than one source by the same author published in the same year, letters of alphabet should be used to differentiate the works. (e.g.: Morgan, 2015a and Morgan, 2015b).
  • All Arabic or Persian names or titles should be transliterated to English alphabets based on the transliteration rules provided in this journal.
  1. All extra notes and Persian or Arabic equivalents of proper names or concepts should be placed under “Notes” section at the end of the manuscript. Citations in this section too should follow the same rules mentioned under item 1 above.
  2. A “bibliography” at the end of the manuscript should provide an alphabetical list of all sources cited in the following format. Arabic or Persian sources must be transliterated and placed in the same alphabetical order as other sources. 


Author’s last name, first name (Year of Publication). Title of Work, Place of Publication: Publisher, volume, edition.

Example: Chomsky N (2007) What We Say Goes: Conversations on US Power in a Changing World. Crows Nest: Allen & Unwin.

Journal articles:

Author’s last name, first name (Publication Year). “Article title.” Periodical          TitleVolume (Issue), pp.-pp.

Example: Shapiro, Stewart (2002). “Incompleteness and Inconsistency,” Mind, vol. 111 (444), 817-832.

Articles in a reader or encyclopedia:

Author’s last name, first name (Publication Year). “Article title,” Title of the book, editor’s name, place of publication: publisher, volume, edition.

Example: Giddens, Anthony (2000). "The Social Revolutions of Our Time," Contemporary Political Sociology, Kate Nash (ed.), Oxford: Blackwell Publishers.


  1. An abstract composed of 300 words that includes title, subject of the article, research methodology, main findings, and keywords (10 maximum) should be attached separately to the main manuscript. The author(s) academic rank, affiliation, the address of the institution or university, and her/his email address should be included at the bottom of the abstract.
  2. The manuscript should be typed on Word 2007 or higher version using Times Roman 10 font, and should provide enough space between lines and on the margins for editing purposes.
  3. Subtitles should be numbered in order.
  4. The manuscript should not be less that 3000 words or exceed 6000 words.
  5. Manuscripts submitted should not have been published elsewhere in any Persian language or foreign journal or a reader composed of collected articles.
  6. Manuscripts should not have been sent to other journals simultaneously.
  7. The IPT reserves the right to edit manuscripts for publication.


Printed articles are copyrighted for the IPT. Those authors who wish to publish their printed articles in a reader must first obtain a written permission from the IPT.